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MyServe Inc., a fully-insured company, has been serving up quality youth tennis programs to schools and organizations for over five years. You can now find us at over thirty locations throughout DE, NJ and PA.

Our unique portable system and teaching methods help children learn tennis quickly, effectively, and most importantly, with a love for the game. MyServe uses a portable system that can adapt to almost any location including:  blacktops, empty parking lots, basketball courts and gymnasiums.  Our programs can be seasonal or year-round.

All of our tennis programs are customized to meet the needs of your organization. We make it easy to administrate. In addition to providing all of the equipment (custom sized racquets, special bouncing balls, nets and training equipment), we will work with you to provide promotional material and everything you need to get started.

MyServe’s coaching staff, our most prized asset, is professionally certified, licensed, and specifically trained in our methods and practices. Our coaches, with background checks, bring years of on and off the court experience for an all-around professional program.

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"….Andrew really enjoys the program, and your instructor is great with the kids, very patient!"