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Our History
Founded in 2006 by Adam Goldstein, MyServe now serves thousands of families in the Delaware Valley. When the USTA developed portable tennis systems in the mid 2000’s, Adam seized the opportunity to bring quality tennis instruction and developmental programs to a wider range of young people than ever before. The unique MyServe approach, which goes beyond standard youth clinics by incorporating constant movement and fun skill development, has been embraced by a wide variety of players, families, schools and communities.

MyServe is proving daily you don’t need to pay for access to a multi-million dollar facility or purchase a country club membership to enjoy the great game of tennis.

Our Philosophy
At MyServe, our primary objective, at every skill level, is to instill a life long passion for tennis. A love for the game is the lynch pin for sustaining a healthy balance, perspective, and drive to succeed. It’s important that student’s enjoy the process. In keeping with this notion, we often try to balance practice sessions that are demanding, yet still playful and fun. Effective practices should motivate players to achieve their best and mimic actual play.

In every aspect, tennis prepares us for life by engaging our physical and mental capabilities. By reaching for our goals, tennis helps develop character both on and off the court. As in life, nothing comes easy and to be successful, one must learn to overcome many obstacles. As we are quick to remind our students, we learn more in defeat than in victory.

In today’s game, one must go beyond just the technical fundamentals and develop both physical and mental strength. In training an elite player, we will work to develop the mind and body to self-sufficiency. As a practical matter, the game does not allow on court coaching, and therefore, it’s important to develop players who can “think on their toes.”

Along with developing a well-rounded and independent thinking player, we often require that our players give 110% when training to demonstrate the importance of practicing the way you play. Often our drills will simulate and stress match situations to prepare our students to translate what is rehearsed in real matches.

We also will take the time to get a realistic assessment of current skill and with our students’ help, establish attainable and realistic goals. What are the physical limitations and what can we work on to improve such weaknesses? Likewise, what strengths, like the big forehand do we need to exploit more? These kinds of questions are essential to finding the right path for success. We always reinforce the positive and leave a player feeling like he/she has succeeded. Even our five year olds know when they’ve hit a good groundstroke and they want to be recognized.

Tennis is a life sport and when given to children early in life, it provides a continual source of energy, both positive, and at times, negative. It isn’t the win/ loss column though, it’s the challenge, the transfer of knowledge, the execution of a plan, the test of mental and physical strength and endurance, it’s decision making………simply, it’s LIFE!!




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….you and your staff really make learning to play so much fun!!! … She really likes the MyServe gang …