Meet Adam

Meet Adam Goldstein:
Founder and President of MyServe, Inc.

With over thirty years of professional experience, I am as passionate about tennis as when I struck my first ball back in 1962 – I was five years old.

My tennis- loving father let me tag along with him to his “Weekend Warrior” matches, and when a fourth was needed, they called me from the bench. So there I found myself, most Saturday/Sunday mornings, playing doubles with the middle aged men of Long Island. I learned about bragging rights from them but, I also learned about respect, the importance of practice and the love of the game. When you are just 5 these ideas ring true and so began my life long love for the game.

Growing up in the New York area, afforded yearly summer trips to the US Open and the likes of Billy Jean King, Chris Evert and Rod Laver were my idols.

As a ranked, junior player, I was fortunate to train along side the next generation of champions. As my game progressed, I earned my way onto John McEnroe’s court cracking serves and diving for volleys under the watchful eye of another legend, Harry Hopman. He became my coach and while developing my game, he turned out future champions like Peter Flemming, Vitas Gerulaitis, Mary Carrillo, and McEnroe’s younger brother Patrick.

During my tenure at the University of Wisconsin, I played Big Ten Tennis and studied education. While my intention was to teach in a traditional classroom, I became interested in sharing my passion for the game during my masters program, and switched my focus to becoming a US Professional Tennis Teacher (USPTA).

Over the next two decades, I honed my skills by working at several local facilities including the Wilmington Country Club, Delaware National CC (formerly Hercules), USTA, YMCA, and Astra-Zeneca, and the Jewish Community Center. I had worked with virtually every age and ability group before I naturally gravitated towards coaching teams.

I‘ve helped lead local tennis teams to both sectional and national tournament levels and in the years that followed, my energies were channeled to an even wider audience as creator and founder of the Delaware Junior Team Tennis League and it’s Association (DJTTA, Inc.).

Twelve years ago I was selected as one of only eight testers, nationally, to help develop new pilot programs for young children, tentatively then called, “36/60.” The concept was a good one – make the courts more manageable in size, lower the nets, give kids smaller racquets and balls that don’t bounce over their heads. This was the impetus for MyServe.

What started as an idea, has developed into my dream: serving up to children quality tennis programs that are affordable, accessible and fun. Over the years, we have worked with thousands of kids never satisfied with our game, continually honing our skills, in order to make theirs better.

Today, all these years later, a Weekend Warrior myself, I still like going back to where it all began; just playing the game I love!


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